Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring can be done at any age and is popular with both men an women. The results are very rewarding and it is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures done in women especially after having one or two deliveries. A right incision will be selected after careful examination and after considering the requirements of the client. If someone has excessive fat deposits in the abdomen. Then it can be suctioned out by liposuction. If someone has a combination of excessive fat , and loose skin,lipolsuction and excess sagging skin resection can be done at the same time

What should I expect after surgery ?

After surgery , the patient when on bed is required to keep the hips folded to some extent.This is done for 4 to 5 days , to avoid any tension on the stitch line.

When can I resume my normal activities ?

Social activities are limited for about 2 weeks following the surgery. Sports and games are to be limited for 4 weeks following the surgery

Does the fat come back ?

After abdominoplasty most of the clients are very happy with their flat tummies. Even if you take little care with diet , fat will not deposit on the tummy. If you do put on wight , it is more generalized in areas other than the tummy.

Your look after surgery

After surgery you will be very happy & satisfied with the younger, refreshed & rejuvenated look. Even if you take little care with diet fat will not redeposits on the tummy. Patients are allowed to get out of bed and takefrequent short walks from the evening of the same day of the surgery. You may have some bruises and swelling for 5-10 days. Stitches are removed in about 10 – 12 days from the day of the surgery.