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Witnessing hair loss or hair fall? Don’t worry…

Posted at 31st January, 2012, 10:16:00 in Uncategorized // by cosmeticsurgery
  • It gives us immense pleasure to introduce Genesis Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic as a responsible entity taking care of the Hair loss issues of people. We strictly practice evidence based medicine and put emphasis on following a highly professional approach to Hair problems and in the turn see to it that they are reduced.
  • Hair loss therapy has seen tremendous changes over the years with the advent of latest technology and medicines for cure. When you visit us, you will be sure that we stand at the forefront of all the latest technologies and information necessary. Our practice culture is comfortable and modernized without giving you the feel of a clinic.
  • The aim in doing this is to give our patients a feeling of ease and minimize their anxiety and stress which is usually present while visiting a Hair loss clinic. Our team is enthusiastic and experienced in working and helping patients to shed their apprehensions about hair loss. Compassion and care are the virtues we adhere while treating our patients.
  • We have taken good care to maintain a clean and confidential environment for making our patients and clients relaxed and comfortable. Guided by the experience and expertise of Dr.Anand Joshi, Director and Proprietor,having done more than 800 successful hair transplants in the last 5 years, Genesis Clinic has been successful in the treatment of hundreds of troubled individuals.
  • The caring nature of our staff and management makes your visit free of tension and anxiousness. The integrity and experience of our trained workforce ascertains that you get proper service. We are devoted for providing accurate, relevant and objective information to our patients for aiding them in making a proper decision concerning their hair care.
  • If you are someone who is a first timer to our clinic, we welcome you with warm regards. You can also let us know about any query by filling in a form Here.

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